About Us

Jalynne Ohmai

-Jalynne Ohmai-

Jalynne has been in Second Life in one form or another for more than 11 years and over that time has tried just about everything SL has to offer – sim builder, DJ, breedable auctioneer, storyteller, event organizer, roleplayer, store manager, RP sim admin, creator and plenty more besides. Most recently her time has been split between building for and assisting in the running of the Mieville Steampunk Continent, building and administrating a number of roleplay sims, and putting her 3D Animation degree to work as mesh creator and co-owner of both the Unrepentant and Constraint brands. In an endless stream of sales events Jalynne had the idea for Treasure Chest as a way of bringing together her love of roleplay in all the various fantastical settings and a belief that SL’s amazing designers could work together to everyone’s benefit.

-Nicolias Sadoul-

Just over 10 years ago Nicolias was created to explore a new world, on the hunt for enjoyable roleplay after a number of years in other fantasy roleplay environments Spending time on and off in Second Life for some years, he met Jalynne in 2012 and at her urging gave SL scripting a go. In the four years since he’s helped build and run a number of roleplay sims, come to work full time as a scripter for Unrepentant and Loud Mouth, co-founded Constraint, and created custom scripts for a number of brands and events in SL. As the coding side of the Treasure Chest team, Nicolias created the scripts and system Treasure Chest will be using, and is responsible for the technical parts of the Treasure Chest event.