Designer Rules

Treasure Chest is a collaborative Subscription Box style event with a Fantasy, Steampunk, Post-Apocalypse and Sci-fi roleplay theme. We intended to provide designers with an opportunity to work together to create a popular, successful event that we hope will provide a steady, monthly income. Rather than competing for sales with your peers, as a Subscription Box event customers pay a flat rate to receive everything in the box which puts the success and popularity of the event directly in your hands as the product creators.

1. Event fee is a non-refundable L$2000 per month to cover the server costs, due by the 1st of the event month (i.e for the October chest the fee is due by the 1st October). Please pay the fee to the TreasureChestEvent avatar along with a notecard containing your name, your store’s name, the month the fee is being paid for and the transaction ID of the fee payment.

2. Profits from each month’s chest will be split equally between all stores in that chest, sent on the 13th, 20th and 27th of the month. The organizers do not take any additional cut.

3. Your product(s) must be new, completely exclusive, original mesh products that have never been released before. They may not be re-colors, re-textures or re-releases of existing products, full perm kit re-textures, or downloaded commercially available models. The product must remain exclusive including re-textures for one year from the release date of the box it is in, at which point re-textured versions may be sold freely.

4. Treasure Chest is intended as a Fantasy, Steampunk, Post-Apocalypse and Sci-fi roleplay themed event. As such products must fit at least one of those themes. Urban, mainstream and modern contemporary products are not acceptable. In addition each months chest will have a specific concept which products must tie in to, for example ‘Dungeon Crawl’. A pinterest pin board, mood board and a colour palette will be provided for each round.

5. A ‘product plans’ shared document is provided for each month, for co-ordination between designers and to prevent overlap. Designers are asked to check and update it with their general release idea each month.

6. Products including product pictures for inclusion in the given month’s chest must be complete, boxed and loaded in to your activated Vendor Server by the 10th of the month for testing. Vendor pictures must be sent to the TreasureChestEvent avatar.

7. If you cannot meet the setup deadline you must inform an organizer as soon as you are aware you will be unable to so we can work with you or replace you with a reserve designer.

8. A signup/information board will be provided for each month. Designers in that round are expected to put it out at their main store. Designers not in the current round are asked to have a board up, but do not have to update it to the current chest’s board if they do not want to.

9. Addition to the designer pool for Treasure Chest is by invite only. There will be a maximum of fifteen and minimum of twelve designers in the chest each month with designers accepted on a first come, first served basis with consideration to product variety per chest. Designers who do not make it in to a month’s chest may be offered a reserve designer space in case any accepted designers pull out.

10. Signups to be a designer for each month’s chest will open two months prior on the 2nd of that month, and remain open until the 5th or until filled. For example designer signups for the October chest will open on the 2nd of August. Confirmations will start going out on the 9th.

11. Customer signup for each monthly iteration of Treasure Chest will begin on the first of the month and the chest will be released on the 15th of the month.

12. Each month’s chest will cost L$1500 to sign up for prior to the release date, then L$3000 to receive after the chest’s release date. Chests will continue to be available for one year after their release date at L$3000 and as such the Vendor Server for it must continue to run for the full year. If you are unable to have the Vendor Server out and active at any time during the year please contact an organizer to arrange a place to have it out temporarily.