Treasure Chest is the grid’s first ever subscription box event with a Fantasy, Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi theme, designed for roleplayers, fantastical world dwellers and adventurers of all sorts!  Each month between 12 and 15 of the grids best designers will be creating new, original products fitting the event’s theme which will only be available through the chest for a full year.  The products in each chest will be a total secret up until release day at which point everyone signed up for the chest will get everything in it!

You can sign up for each chest by joining the Treasure Chest SL group between the 1st and 14th of each month (all dates and times in SLT).  During this time the group will cost L$1500 to join.  On the 15th of the month we will send out the month’s chest through a Group Notice.  Once the chest has been released and thus its contents revealed, the cost to join the group will go up to L$3000.  Joining will remain open until the end day on the 26th of each month allowing you to collect the current chest instantly.  After the 26th the group will be closed and cleared out to prepare for the next month’s chest, which you’ll be able to sign up for starting the 1st.

Each chest will be available at the Treasure Chest HQ and at the main stores of the brands involved in that months chest for a full year after its release day for L$3000.  You can also still join the Treasure Chest SL group to get the current chest between the 15th and 26th of each month.

We’ll announce the brands involved in each month’s Treasure Chest on the last day of the previous month, the day before the group opens. You can find them out by:
Joining the Treasure Chest Seekers group inworld

Subscribing to the Treasure Chest subscriber inworld at the Treasure Chest HQ or any Treasure Chest supporting store.

Checking the catalog on the Treasure Chest website
Visiting and liking our Facebook page
Visiting and joining us on Flickr
Following either of the organizers on Plurk

Jalynne Ohmai

Nicolias Sadoul

We have a variety of great brands involved in Treasure Chest to ensure there is always something that appeals to you in each chest.  While the contents of each chest will always be a secret until the 15th, in any given one you might find themed buildings, furniture, decorations, hair, skins, male and female clothes, accessories, weapons, armour, poses and props, animated pets, rideables and more – all of which will be exclusive to the chest!

Every product in each chest is original mesh, poses or textured parts (skins, appliers etc) created for the event.  There are no re-colours, re-textures or re-releases of existing products, full perm kit re-textures, downloaded commercially available 3D models, or ripped mesh in any chest. All products (including re-textures) in a chest will only be available through their chest for a full year from that chest’s release date.  After a year the chest will be retired and re-textured versions may be made by the original creator, but the version available in the chest will no longer be available.

You can use the relevant chest to get a redelivery of every product in it or any specific brands product up to a year after the chest’s release. Past this date the chest will be retired and the items from it will no longer be available.

You can contact Jalynne Ohmai or Nicolias Sadoul to get a redelivery of the chest. Please send a notecard named ‘Treasure Chest Redelivery’ containing your avatar name (the fixed name you use to sign in to SL, NOT your changeable display name) and the month of the chest you need redelivered.  We will be taking a copy of the list of people in the group just before it’s cleared on the 26th and send you a manual redelivery assuming you were in the group.

Every product in a chest will be copyable but not transferable. They will be for the avatar you are purchasing the chest on only. There will be a broad range of products in each chest ensuring it is worth the price to everyone who signs up for it!

As there are a huge number of different mesh body parts on the grid we cannot guarantee there will be products specifically designed for the ones you are using in every chest.  If you are primarily interested in Treasure Chest for clothing or appliers we encourage you to check each month’s designer’s stores (for which you can find SLURL’s and Marketplace links on the Treasure Chest website) to see if they support your body, head or body parts.